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Prof. Sharon Armon-Lotem
CTO & Co-Founder
Professor of Linguistics and a member of the Gonda Multidisciplinary Brain Research Center. Director of MultiLinC Impact Center at Bar Ilan University and Bilingualism Matters Israel.
Dr. Carmit Altman
CSO & Co-Founder

Head of Child Development,, School of Education, 

Co- director of MultiLinC Impact Center at Bar Ilan University and Bilingualism Matters Israel.

Hadar Abutbul-Oz
CEO & Co-Founder
Speech and Language Therapist and PhD Candidate, Bar Ilan University

Keshet Child Development Center - Founder and owner 

A Diverse Team is a Strong Team
Our team brings together experts in language, education and speech language pathology.

Prof. Armon-Lotem is an expert in typical and atypical language development among monolingual and bilingual children. She initiated and led a European Cooperation in Science and Technology network (COST Action IS0804 – add link) that put the study of DLD among children of diverse linguistic backgrounds on the map and made it possible to identify markers of DLD that are valid crosslinguistically.  
Dr. Carmit Altman is a psycholinguist in the Child Development and School Counseling programs at the School of Education at Bar-Ilan University. She is an expert in narrative development in bilingual and monolingual children and adults. Her research, funded by the Israel Science Foundation and the Ministry of Education, enables to recognize linguistic features that distinguish children with typical development and children with Developmental Language Disorder. Her synergetic relations enable joint collaborations with the Ministry of Education.
Hadar Abutbul-Oz, a speech and language therapists and a PhD candidate in Linguistics, has a reputation in treating children from diverse backgrounds for over 15 years.  She is a member of the Multilingual and Multicultural Affairs Committee (MMAC) in the International Association of Language Pathologist (IALP) as an expert in working with bilingual children and their families. As a speech language pathologist and a young researcher she is constantly bridging between the academic world and the clinical world. She truly believes that research can and should make a social impact in the world. This is what we do in MuLTI.
Our diverse expertise yields a holistic solution so all children can be assessed early in every language, and parents can support their language skills, leaving no child behind.
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Product Team

Gal Lotem
Product Manager & UX
Sen Sorokin
Lead Developer
Rotem Shwartz
Graphics & Animation

Advisory Board

Rony Gordana
Synergistic Innovations
CEO & Founder
Anat Galdety
Harel Insurance Investments & Financial Services LTD
VP Marketing

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Max & Anna Webb Street, 
Bar-Ilan University complex,
Ramat-Gan, Israel 5290002
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