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Easy-to-use child language assessment app with guidance for parents
Early assessment of Developmental Language Disorder is a life changer.
MuLTI makes it possible for all children in every language.
What is Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)?
  • A difficulty with talking and/or understanding language
  • A hidden but common disorder, affecting 7% of children and adults
  • The second major cause of learning disabilities
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How to recognize DLD? 

It is especially difficult to diagnose Developmental Language Disorder in -

The Problem:

Bilingual Children

Children from low social economic status

Under and over diagnosis have societal and economic impact. Under-diagnosis leads to children’s marginalization in school and society. Over-diagnosis doubles waiting time for treatment.

7% of the general population suffer from Developmental Language Disorder
50% of the teenagers in prison suffer from language disorder and have never been assessed

The Challenges

Accurate and reliable assessment of bilingual children
Long waiting lists in child development centers and private clinics
Dissatisfied and stressed parents struggling to cope with their child's difficulties while waiting for an appointment

Our Solution Offers

Assessment in
multiple languages
Any time
Preliminary screening and prioritization
Immediate response to parents
Guidance while waiting for treatment
MuLTI creates a meaningful social impact for monolingual and bilingual children of every social economic status by providing an accessible, interactive and accurate assessment of language development to reduce under and over diagnosis.
In these extreme COVID-19 days MuLTI enables Speech and Language Pathologists to:
Supply an innovative and much needed service without physically attending the clinic
Offer evidence-based support to parents while they await treatment
Provide Speech and Language Pathologists with preliminary assessment enabling online guidance to parents

MuLTI is a tool for early screening and full assessment of Developmental Language Disorder in preschool children.



aims to give every child an equal opportunity for an early language assessment. Early assessment is the key for better treatment 

supports Speech and Language Pathologists in providing accurate and fast assessment in any language 

provides Speech and Language Pathologists with a full report of the linguistic profile in all the languages of the child

enables Speech and Language Therapists to provide more focused treatment

guides Speech and Language Pathologists and parents before and during treatment in choosing language enrichment and learning tools. 

MuLTI is based on valid clinical markers, making use of artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning for fast and accurate assessment.

Our mission is to provide early assessment and support for every child in any language in the critical years before school entrance.
MuLTI gives every child an equal opportunity for an early language assessment and better treatment

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