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MuLTI Privacy Policy

This app is intended for use of children ages 3-9. 'MuLTI' intended that the use of the app will be facilitated by the main custodian of the child. 'MuLTI' has no way of ensuring that only the main custodian of the child using the app will receive the information for the assessment given to the child.  It is your sole responsibility to ensure that the child uses the app under your supervision. 

We must warn you that we are not liable for any person using the app with the child and we are not liable for damages of any kind, shape or form that might incur upon usage of the app by users who have access to your child or to your device which you did not approve. 

Personal information
Upon logging into the app you will enter your child’s name and a number provided by ‘MuLTI’.  ‘MuLTI’ will use this information to create a new anonymized identifier that will coordinate to your data within our file. This Identifier cannot be traced back to you.

This app collects personal data and information about you, your child and your personal profile, and has access to audio tracks. The term "Personal information" refers to any information either text, photos, videos, audio files, locations and any other information or data submitted by you or collected by using this app.

1.    This app collects the number in encrypted form. 
2.    Main custodian's email address
3.    Information given by main custodian in our questionnaire such as; age of the child, sex, place of birth, languages spoken by the child, educational framework of the child (home schooling/ kindergarten), main custodian's feeling and input regarding child's linguistic development or disorder.  
4.    Recordings of child's voice while using the app
5.    Technical data from child's usage of the app.
6.    Child's assessment based on data received from using the app.  


After sending the custodian the child's assessment MuLTI discards all personal data and the information is stored in anonymized form for research use only. 

'MuLTI' makes all the efforts to keep your personal data safe and protect your privacy. 
We use encryption for maximum security and store all our data on a secure Microsoft based cloud (Azure). 
If you do not wish for some information to be available please use the security tools and settings in order to block others’ access to your specific information or data. 


'MuLTI's details
The full name of 'MuLTI' is Multi
4all LTD.  
'MuLTI' is registered in Israel under registration number
'MuLTI's registered address is: Max & Anna Webb Street, Bar-Ilan University complex, Ramat-Gan, Israel 5290002
You can contact 'MuLTI' by email to:


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Max & Anna Webb Street, 
Bar-Ilan University complex,
Ramat-Gan, Israel 5290002
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