Play. Assess. Discover.

Easy-to-use child language assessment app with guidance for parents
MuLTI provides all parents with developmental insights and practical tools to lead their child to success
MuLTI gives all children equal opportunity for better academic and social success

The Problem:

We live in a fast changing world. As parents, we struggle to provide our children with the right skills for societal and academic success. 
Language is the basic skill any child needs in order to succeed.

As parents, we ask ourselves:
What are my child's strengths and weaknesses
 How can I, a concerned parent, find the way to help my child?
The internet is full of knowledge, but what is relevant for us?
Who can I turn to for help?
I found the best expert, but there is a very long waiting list. Now what?
This is where MuLTI comes in.

Our Solution

We envision a world where parents have the insight to their child's language development with access to practical tools to lead their child to success.
Multi P.A.D does just that.
PLAY: Children play at home a 15-minute game with an age and language adapted app
ASSESS:  We assess multiple language skills accurately and quickly based on decades of language development and language disorders research at Bar Ilan University combined with various artificial intelligence algorithms
DISCOVER: Parents receive an accurate assessment of their child’s skills, personally tailored tools for supporting their child language and a clear indication if there is need for additional professional intervention.
Our mission is to provide early assessment and support for every child in any language in the critical years before school entrance creating a meaningful social impact.
Early assessment results in better academic success
Early assessment reduces frustration and failure
Early assessment ensures better integration in society
MuLTI gives every child an equal opportunity for an early language assessment and better treatment

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Why us?

Expertise: Our team identified most accurate markers of typical and atypical language development in multiple languages
Education: Our team fosters collaborations with parents, educators and policy makers
Speech and language therapy: Intensive clinical experience treating children of diverse backgrounds, empowering parents in co-leading the treatment

Our Team

Prof. Sharon Armon-Lotem
CTO & Co-Founder
Professor of Linguistics and a member of the Gonda Multidisciplinary Brain Research Center. Director of MultiLinC Impact Center at Bar Ilan University and Bilingualism Matters Israel.
Dr. Carmit Altman
CSO & Co-Founder

Child Development & School Counseling Programs, School of Education, 

Co- director of MultiLinC Impact Center at Bar Ilan University and Bilingualism Matters Israel.

Hadar Abutbul-Oz
CEO & Co-Founder
Speech and Language Therapist and PhD Candidate, Bar Ilan University

Keshet Child Development Center - Founder and owner 

Advisory Board

Rony Gordana
Synergistic Innovations
CEO & Founder
Anat Galdety
Harel Insurance Investments & Financial Services LTD
VP Marketing

Contact us
Max & Anna Webb Street, 
Bar-Ilan University complex,
Ramat-Gan, Israel 5290002
Prof. Sharon Armon-Lotem | +972-547901345
Dr. Carmit Altman | +972-544597958
Hadar Abutbul-Oz | +972-525764441