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Play. Assess. Discover.

Easy-to-use child language assessment app with professional guidance for educators and parents
MuLTI provides educators with the necessary knowledge for creating a differential learning program for each child
MuLTI gives all children equal opportunity for qualitaty education and social mobility

The Problem:

Language is critical for every child’ s success 

Quality education and reducing Social Inequality were posited by the UN as its Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDGs)

Gaps in child language development (enhanced by COVID19 circumstances) lead to a growing need for innovative, objective and accessible solutions to be used by children, parents and the educators

Gaps in language development in preschool years have a major contribution to learning difficulties and enhanced social inequality 

Educators face a heterogeneous class and need an accurate measure of the different needs of every child
Educators face the following challanges:
Early identification of language and learning difficulties
Accurate and objective mapping of language skills for ALL children
High cost of professional development for eductors
MuLTI P.A.D. is your solution!
Our Solution

Our Solution

We envision a world where all children have access to early language mapping and differential support resulting in quality education,  reducing social inequality  
MuLTI P.A.D, a game-like language screening app does just that
PLAY: Children play at home a 15-minute game with an age and language adapted app
ASSESS:  We provide an individual language mapping for every child based on decades of research at Bar Ilan University combined with various artificial intelligence algorithms
DISCOVER: Educators and parents receive an accurate and objective mapping and discover how they can best support the children's language skills 
Our mission is to provide early accurate, interactive and accessible mapping of language skills and support for every child in any language in the critical years before school entrance, creating a meaningful social impact
Early assessment results in better academic success
Early assessment reduces frustration and failure
Early assessment ensures better integration in society
MuLTI gives every child an equal opportunity for an early language mapping and tailored education
Our demo

Take a sneak peak at our app!


Why MuLTI?

Accurate, quick, and objective individual and group maps of language skills in multiple languages
Differential linguistic goals and recommendations for each child
A professional development program for educators and parents for optimal implementation
Optimization of educational resources for school districts and local municipalities
Early mapping of language skills for ALL children will support differential teaching and reduce inequality between students, yielding a meaningful social impact 

Any investment in preschool children is crucial for academic success and social mobility in years to come 
Want to create impact in the upcoming school year? 
Contact us for creating a tailored mapping and instruction program for your school or municipality!
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Contact us

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Max & Anna Webb Street, 
Bar-Ilan University complex,
Ramat-Gan, Israel 5290002
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Dr. Carmit Altman |
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